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Whitening, What do white teeth cost?


Bleaching teeth before after

You want to have bright white teeth? The gentle whitening with bleaching is the answer!

My natural tooth color lies in the upper, brighter third, so is naturally white. Not in HD. Rabbit, I say only! The TV screen is merciless. If one flogs the teeth more often in public, one eventually needs one professional teeth cleaning and whitening, And gold seals are expensive, but not pretty. There are plenty of situations for a spotlight 80 smile: If you are filmed, photographed, you speak in front of an audience, soon marries or wants to find someone to marry …. For some, bleached teeth are also a status symbol. We’ll tell you how Tooth whitening how much works white teeth cost and what else you should pay attention to.


Bleaching – the only way to white teeth?

No, whitening is of course not the Holy Grail when it comes to white teeth. To a certain extent, the biter leaves too in a natural way brighten. Overall, that applies a lot of saliva in the mouth Cheap is, so please drink a lot. Spit cleanses your teeth and sour not only makes fun, but also promotes saliva production. From now on, you can look forward to whiter teeth whenever your mouth is watering. The following Support food your quest for white teeth:

  • Fruit with vitamin C such as apple, gooseberry, mango, grapefruit, oranges, lemons
  • Vegetables with high content of vitamin C like all cabbage vegetables, paprika, carfiol, fennel
  • green vegetables that cover a film as a protection against discoloration: broccoli, spinach, lettuce

Attention! Please keep away from baking soda and similar inexpensive home remedies. Baking soda attacks the enamel on, makes it rough, and it also makes your teeth turn yellowish faster.

Bleaching or special toothpaste?

Contains every toothpaste polishesthat support the mechanical cleaning of the teeth. There is a value that indicates how much a toothpaste can rub off the tooth – one speaks of abrasion and, as a consequence, of Abrasion value (RDA), One RDA under 30 tells you that your toothpaste is very gentle, but unfortunately Nothing for a whiter white does.

Is that RDA between 40 and 90, are you there: you have one great White toothpaste found! Everything over 100 can you to forget: Yours enamel The thinning of the teeth is getting thinner, the teeth are becoming increasingly rougher and the teeth are getting darker and darker over the long term.

Who can offer whitening?

If you have everything through and still are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, then you treat yourself to a whitening. No matter whether you buy a set for the application at home in a shop or the bleaching in one Dental Health Center want to let make, the first step should invariably always to Dentist, to the dentist to lead! Why? Quite simply: There are also in terms of whitening No gos! You can not whiten or whiten your teeth immediately if you do

  • Caries have
  • Leaking dental fillings wear
  • Fillings or crowns made of plastic or ceramic have – that can not be lightened
  • Tartar or have
  • your teeth have stains and discoloration

Bleaching at the dentist can brighten your teeth by up to eight levels. Exceptions are unfortunately fillings made of plastic.

What does bleaching cost the dentist?

Not everyone wants to lend a hand. In specialized, cosmetic institutes and for dentists, you can spend a good hour and a half in a softly padded chair and then have whiter teeth – around eight shades at least 300 less in the wallet. But time is money, too Professional does it best, I agree. Besides, you can be sure that the whitening will be professional. Normally, the dentist will suggest that you have an oral hygiene first.

What is the cost of oral hygiene before bleaching?

Oral hygiene is once a year and standard if you still want to have all your own teeth in your mouth at the age of 90. And secondly Stains and tartar removed and you will then come to your beguiling, perfectly white rows of teeth. oral hygiene is available in non-urban space from € 40. In the city it starts from € 80, it’s really good at € 120 on average, A professional oral hygiene takes about an hour and ideally includes one to two follow-up appointments for the care of the gums. Until the teeth whitening should then Two to three weeks pass, This investment pays off in any case!

How many shades lighter through bleaching?

DIY methods maximize four shades lighter teeth, home bleaching from the dentist creates five, the professional Bleaching in the office brings eight steps whiter in a maximum of two hours.

DIY or bleaching by the professional?

Basically, one differentiates systems for home and those for the ordination: home or office, And “home” in this case means either DIY with self-purchased products or with systems that the dentist adapts.

Denture of a woman who is currently using a plastic splint for tooth whitening.

When so-called Home whitening teeth are whitened using a plastic splint on which bleach is applied.

How does bleaching work at home?

Home whitening You can shop at the dentist. For example, there are sets for four days from € 55 or a ten-piece subscription. Or the dentist gives, for example, custom-made rails including active ingredient gel home, so your teeth so to say whiter white overnight for which you should budget around € 300. In the ordination, you will be advised and found the right offer for your wishes. It can also be stated what tooth color to your skin tone and to yours eyes White fit,

The blue-white, which is often desired at first, does not suit everyone and unfortunately looks unnatural and strange. Maybe this has happened to you already. You look at the other person and think: Something is wrong with him / her. Often then poorly bleached teeth are the reason for the visual irritation. Other products for DIY bleaching in your own walls can be bought in the specialist drugstore or pharmacy. Again, advice is trumps.

There are also solutions to the Instruct with the brushrather for one punctual application, Interdental spaces or the treatment of individual teeth are intended. You’ll get them for around € 15. Attention! Everything always, after you went to the dentist, anyway.

How long does the bleaching last?

The most popular tooth bleaching at home are so-called Stripes, ie with active substance provided strips, which one twice daily each 30 minutes applies. The procedure takes a total 14 days and should last for about half a year. Provided you stay good. These systems are not suitable for a very wide grin, because the strips are too short for the entire row of teeth. And who has strongly discolored interdental spaces, is not happy. Everyone else, however, smiles brightly afterwards. These sets are available from about € 30.

The professional bleaching at the dentist holds about three to five years at. Of course, shelf life always depends on how you feed yourself. The more “coloring” food you eat (for example, red wine, coffee, tea), the shorter the lifespan of the lightening.

Young woman with beautiful white teeth biting into a red apple after bleaching.

There are no permanent teeth whitening methods. But you can do a lot to keep your teeth whitening for as long as possible.

Why does whitening hurt?

For example, professional whitening is done with UV-activated substances used. That all this is not a walk for the teeth, you can imagine. It is normal in the first days increased after the treatment Temperature and pain sensitivity of the teeth, but disappears after a few days. If all else fails and you are simply not a suitable candidate for whitening, you can still consider whether you are in veneers want to invest. But basically: please smile!

What can I eat for white teeth?

Prevent is always cheaper and better, Not surprisingly, the teeth like it when we eat healthily. Fruits and vegetables is the motto! The digestion should also be in order, because in the mouth, the first station of the digestive process, it needs a healthy bacterial lawn. And there are things that just do not do us good, mostly on multiple levels and in many ways.

Here comes the list of usual suspects whose consumption you avoid if you want to get or keep white teeth – whether your teeth are naturally white or you helped a little!

  • Tea: black, but also rooibos and green tea. (Little helpful trick: If your tea leaves a coating on the inside of the cup, when you’re done with it, it can do it with your teeth.)
  • Coffee, cola
  • Red wine, trust juice
  • cigarettes
  • fermented foods: balsamic, soy sauce, mustard
  • Food / Spices with many color pigments: berries, cherries, curry, saffron, turmeric

Of course, your mouth does not always look like a galley slave, just because you drink good red wine for dinner and then an espresso. Systematic errors in your behavior but already make problems. Do you consume regularly? things from the above list, one each a glass of water to work miracles after rinsing!

Attention! Caution should also be exercised when using toothpaste containing more than 0.06% chlorhexidine. If you use them continuously for more than 14 days, it may cause discoloration.

How long white diet after bleaching?

In connection with the professional teeth whitening one reads again and again of the so-called white diet, But what exactly is that? Quite simply, in the first days after bleaching, you should prefer “white” foods such as cauliflower, yogurt, quark, milk, fish, poultry, rice, pasta and white flour products. Besides, of course: water instead of drinking coffee!



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