Camping Trends

What is the next craze in camping? How can camping get easier and more cutting edge? Take a look!


Inflatable tents are quick to put up, easy to pitch and dismantle. More than just a phase, inflatables are improving as they continue to grow in their niche market. Inflatable tents are easy for a single person to erect which make them perfect for a solo parent to manage on their own.

Inflatable tents (or air tents) use inflatable beams instead of poles made of steel or fibre glass. The air beams are built into the tent and can be inflated by a hand pump or a powered pump.

Originally just in polyester, now inflatable tents are coming in durable canvas. Kiwi Camping is launching it’s new Moa 12 Air in 2019, based on our popular canvas Moa 12, Kiwi Camping are developing the design to bring the advantages of both a canvas tent and an air tent together. We are also bringing out a range of incredibly versatile polyester air tents. The Huia Air Tents, open up completely on both sides and one end, making it the most versatile tent we’ve produced.


The majority of campers (around 97%) like to stay connected when our camping. So how do you stay powered up while getting away? Power banks are important, not for just staying socially connected, but for safety. If your smartphone looses power, then it’s important to be able to power it up to contact help. The Kiwi Camping Lantern, Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank brings it all together in one unit. Simply charge it up before you go away and you’re covered. Better yet, you have a soundtrack for your trip!


If you want to create a buzz in the campsite, take the latest trend in tents – a tee pee. So easy to erect and spacious inside, the Bellbird is a great glamping tent that will make your tent site the talk of the campground. The Bellbird even has multiple hooks to hang up your decorative lights!


A perfect getaway quick tent! Designed for lightweight camping convenience. Lighter, faster and easier to set up than other conventional tents. The tent not only sets up in seconds, it also has the fly attached which means it is ready to use instantly. The Speedy Pop-Up Dome Tents come in two sizes, the Speedy 3 and the Speedy 2. Make it easy – make it Speedy!

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