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Body butter or gel? Which is best for dry skin?


Trockene Haut im Sommer:

Finally summer is here! And with it a lot of fresh energy and a lot of good mood. The reason that you generally feel more rested and active with more sunlight and warmer temperatures is because the body produces less melatonin. The skin also reacts to this change: the natural skin fat becomes more fluid and the glands produce more sebum, making the skin less brittle than in winter. The fact that you can still have dry skin (even on the lips) is usually due to all the summerly “activities”. Sunbathing, frequent showering or splashing in the swimming pool – all this removes moisture from the skin. The good news: Thick creams such as homemade body butter are still not necessary!


Body butter vs. Lotion: What is better in the summer?

In summer, dry skin needs one thing above all else: moisture! And that is not found in the rich “heavyweights”, but in the fleet-footed Schoenmacher. Body lotion and body milk are best for summer care, as they have a higher water content than body butter. The more water the body care has, the easier it feels. It is also easier to disperse than body butter and absorbs faster. The basis for personal care products is always an emulsion. In the case of a body butter, it is intensely nourishing water-in-oil emulsions. That is, oil forms the basis, water is supplied. For body lotions it’s the other way around: oil-in-water emulsions are less rich but have more moisture – perfect for the summer! If exposed skin such as elbows and knees need more body care, then it is best to resort to a cream or a body butter only for these games.

What Is Good For Dry Skin In Summer?

  1. Strong foams Body lotions in foam form have blossomed into real summer favorites! As they form a fine network on the skin, the skin can continue to breathe, they are absorbed very quickly, care intensively and feel light and supple. For a summery body care from head to toe, there are also make-up and hair treatments as foams.
  2. Lightweight gels If the foam is “too foamy”, this works best with body lotions in a light gel texture. Enriched with moisturizing, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Urea and Glycerin, they radiate a lasting glow to the skin.

Ways of sun protection against dry skin

Sun protection is indispensable in summer – and also helps against dry skin. How good that the times when only thick textures guaranteed a high SPF are long gone. Even light, fast-absorbing suntans and sun sprays protect very effectively. Note: Day creams with sun protection factor (SPF) often only protect against UVB rays, not against UVA rays. To be well protected, the sunscreen needs both. Because while UVB rays are “only” responsible for sunburn, UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause lasting damage. As there is also an increased need for showering in the summer, which promotes dry skin, you should resort to a moisturizing shower gel.



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