We Pushed Blogger ....

We Pushed Blogger ... How Does It Look?  

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We have always used Blogger since 2008.
This time our special acceleration techniques, etc. we applied everything we know.
We think that we have created a completely Responsive and fast design.

As we approached the new year, we completed everything about our design.
With our special read more technique, we also got rid of the density on the home page.
We also believe that we put a lot of effort into simplicity.

Could you comment on our design, which we have worked hard this year?
We hope that we will continue to develop further in the new year.

Address to review our design:

Note: Many things you can do with WordPress can do with Blogger.
It is also possible to provide maximum benefit with sufficient programming knowledge.

We will be waiting for your valuable constructive criticism of our design.
Thank you,

Hello friends under my site, the tag cloud is gradually increasing and will cause a bad image on my site, how to prevent it, for example, after 50 tags stop ... more Click to show more thanks in advance thanks.

Hello friends. my adsense address, which I haven't used in many years, had a blogspot site address in the site confirmation section. The address still remains approved, but the site is not in my mail. How can I get her back?

I'm currently receiving a 502 error on all my blogger-based sites. Do you have similar problems?

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:18 pm

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