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Hello, I can't figure out how to redirect Blogger to a custom domain. He writes about Cname, but I couldn't make progress because there are things I don't know about. The .com domain I want to redirect is hosted by IHS. Can a friend help me with this?
The changes I made to the Blogger HTML editing page won't save when I click the save button. I tried with a new theme to see if it was a theme, but unfortunately the result is the same. Are there anyone who has the same problem as me?
🌀 What are the advantages of Blogger site?
- Blogger based sites have an easy and simple admin panel. It doesn't bother.
- You only spend domain names without server costs.

Orum I'm setting up your Blogger-based site from scratch.
Orum I'm redirecting your site to a domain name.
Orum I am setting the required "https", "www" routing settings.
⏩ We're setting up a theme that you want or that suits your site's category.
⏩ I'm setting up Google Search Console, Analytics.
Orum I'm adding add-ons and contact form to make your site look more elegant.

Friends I have a site with 1500 hits, blogger infrastructure, but I'll come 0.28 cents. Is there a suitable blogger theme for advertising? Is there any one that can help with ad editing if it can even help?

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:16 pm

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