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How to make money from YouTube? This is a question that we all thought – ' we are all we hear success stories about how much they earn with YouTube ads and sponsored influenciaron jobs.  

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How to make money from YouTube? Try these tips.
The truth is, yes, you can earn money from YouTube. Even if it was creative and strategic enough, you can earn pretty good money.
How to make money from YouTube if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for the answer to the question for you we have prepared this guide as a starting point you can think of.
How to make money from YouTube? 4 a source of income that you must consider
The tips in this guide will guide you in areas that include:
1.The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) how to make money from YouTube with
2.How to shoot video is sponsored
3.Why you should consider selling your own products and services
4.To make money from YouTube branding, SEO and marketing how to use
A detailed look at all of them now.
1. How to make money from YouTube with the YouTube Partner Program
YouTube January 2018 onwards, revenue from its policy of making money for users to have more control over the platform has changed. Now users and channels from their content in order to make money, the first YouTube Partner Programme (YPP, YouTube Partnership Program) apply for and be accepted they need to be.
The application process, as well as users must meet eligibility requirements. Minimum eligibility requirements in order to participate in the YouTube Partner Program here:
•Make sure that you adhere to the policies your YouTube channel partner program.
•Living in one of the countries or region in this list.
•Over 4000 hours in the last 12 months you have a general time tracking.
•It's possible to have more than 1000 subscribers on your channel.
•It's possible to have a Google AdSense account.
To apply for the YouTube Partner Program, follow these steps:
Log in to your YouTube account.
•Go inside the studio content.
•The channel status from the menu on the left and select Properties.
•“Monetization”from the bottom of Activate.
•Complete your application and apply the steps that appear on the screen.
Note: as of 8 March 2019, YouTube reported that the process of application and acceptance to the program lasted longer than a month.

After being accepted to YPP, creative resources, tools and support you will have access to. But most importantly, you will be able to start earning money directly into your content.

To answer the question of how to make money from YouTube with YPP below you can see the options.
Earn money with AdSense
YouTube, a Google subsidiary. Therefore, it allows users to make money by using AdSense is one of Google's other products. Is a free service that connects advertisers with Google AdSense publishers. If you're an approved publisher, a viewer, when you enter your video, your ad or your content with a relevant audience can see.
Whenever the viewer clicks on the ad you earn money.
Looking for a channel for advertisers to reach their target audience, the YouTuber wants to earn money from your video content.
AdSense, serve as a bridge for both of these purposes. The potential for earning money with AdSense on YouTube changing from Channel to channel, but the viewer clicks down from 1000 content producers$ 3 for$ 10 and it is estimated that between money earned. This is a content producer who can provide per day 10,000 views$ 300 and over means that you can win.
To start making money with Google AdSense from your YouTube channel, you first need to have a Google AdSense account. If you don't have an AdSense account already, you can apply here.
AdSense, open an account, just doesn't stop. The type of ads you want to display ads on your channel and you need to make some decisions about formats.
Specific brands or religion, gambling, sexuality, etc from the dashboard you can do that if you want to block AdSense sensitive categories. By choosing the format of ads on your videos or Channel, viewers can determine to some extent the experience of the ad.
Options how to make money from YouTube
Take advantage of the premium income YouTube
Ads for YouTuber most common source of income, although the revenue from YouTube premium monetization channels for members of the YPP is a second views.
Premium YouTube of YouTube for a monthly fee, viewers the original commercial-besides offering free content, is a service that allows for offline viewing of the videos to be downloaded.

Users a more intimate experience, direct from YouTube ad revenue stream will provide independent interactions.

Well, if viewers aren't showing your ads, your earnings is determined how? YouTube, as a percentage of revenues, the number of spectators depending on the length of time spent viewing the content and shares with content producers.
Premium YouTube and its revenue sharing model, content producers high-quality videos encourages me to continue to create; this to the audience with high-quality, original content adds value to the experience is provided by ensuring.
Activate your membership feature channel
Do you have a follower with high audience interaction? So, your YouTube channel, consider testing whether membership is appropriate for the property.
YouTube channel membership feature, paying a monthly fee to subscribe to specific channels and provides an opportunity for the audience to present special rewards and benefits. A channel-in exchange for being a paying member of the audience, custom content, live chat, and can access additional features such as special badges or emoji. These benefits provide additional value to the end user in exchange for a small payment.
Content producers earn 70 percent of the monthly wage after taxes.
In other words, the channel memberships who can find creative ways to encourage the audience to pay for YouTuber can be an excellent source of income.
Activate the Super Chat feature
Finally, the channels through a feature called content producers YPP included in Super Chat, you can gain money from.
Super Chat for a live video viewers in the comments, or allows you to make payment for fixing the comments under the video.
If an audience pays how much, the message is just as permanent and prominent. This allows your followers to feel more connected to your content and gives you the opportunity to interact directly with them. As a result, you earn a percentage of the fee they paid to secure it in the comments.
2. Sponsored video: set up sales subsidiaries or brands sponsor
YouTube is the most common way to make money from YouTube Partner Program. Well, if you are not a member of YPP, how to make money from YouTube? In fact, AdSense and monetization of YPP of the features, except there are many possibilities to make income on YouTube.

YPP connected to your YouTube channel without having one of the best ways has been to generate revenue from the marketing of other brands. We call it briefly pazarlmas influence.

Most of the followers of a YouTube channel similar demographic and psychographic characteristics. For brands that target these markets, a partnership with a channel formed to build the mass of followers, brands must spend time and resources to create their own follower audience on YouTube that enables you to conserve.
Thus, organic and engaging content by making payment to the producers in their marketing your products or services in a way they might.
Use YouTube to establish a direct relationship with the target audience influencer is not the only plus point for brands while reducing the costs of producing content the audience benefit from the confidence that people have in YouTuber.
In other words, sponsored videos on the YouTube channel, the famous micro-business units into brand like.
Brands we know you care about YouTube sponsorships, but how long? YouTube content producers, while working with over 100,000 followers per sponsored videos$ 2000 it is estimated that earn.
If you prefer to go the way of sponsored video, you follow the rules for posting these content and make your video advertising content that you need to mark it as a note.
In addition, when creating sponsored content, also keep in mind your audience. A particular reason for your audience to follow you, to publish your own content outside of your scope if you start too many promotional video, you may lose your audience.
3. Own buy your products or services
Another way to earn revenue from your channel is your own creation to sell products or services.
YouTuber e-commerce platform can create through their own stores. Then access using their YouTube channel, viewers convert to paying customers they can.

Most of YouTuber T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, bags, such as logo or to choose the path of selling the products of their own, no matter how innovative you are, the better.

For example, if you are sharing motivational and inspirational videos on your YouTube channel, a physical book or e-book, you may want to write and publish it. Interested individual or consulting services you can sell to your audience.
YouTube your own products or services, which is important when you use your skills to generate income, and to find creative ways to market your products. Exit from routine with logo to look for ways to add value to your audience and sell products except.
4. Branding, SEO and marketing with an emphasis on how to make money on YouTube?
How to make money from YouTube logo mobile phone
Now technically you know the answer to the question How to make money from YouTube as well as your YouTube channel how he came to look for you are able to really profit. Nice to find YPP admission to or sponsorship opportunities, while the real goal should be to create stable and sustainable revenue stream.
Here's 3 ways to do it:
Create a relevant audience of followers and masses
First of all, the only way to get relevant and gain a significant follower base on YouTube is to have a active. If you can't make it appear in a consistent manner in your videos, making money on YouTube it will be quite difficult.

The best way to succeed is to produce quality content create a YouTube channel.

This, it may sound as easy as it sounds, but actually quite hard work. Make a great video, time, strategy, creativity and skill. Moreover, this great videos on your channel, you must publish frequently. If you fail in meeting your audience expects the quality that you can unsubscribe, but you may risk losing your audience's attention if you give the video to publish on Dec.
Before you start posting a lot more videos on your channel identity take time to develop.
Try to understand your target audience and develop your brand voice in a systematic way.
By following a restrained approach, in particular the opinions of your audience, their interests and issues, you increase your chance of being successful so you can create content that your target channel.
Optimize your channel and videos.
Another way to increase your chances of success on YouTube for your videos and your channel and that you follow is to make sure that you understand optimization techniques.
Most SEO expert is not the content producer on YouTube, even YouTube is a search engine, they may not even know that originally. However, the same parent company like Google, with searches on YouTube uses an algorithm to present the content to the audience what it thinks is most relevant.
In YouTube's search bar “best domain name registration organization” when you type in, which uses the signal to determine how the video is displayed in hundreds of.
As with traditional search engines, subtle nuances can have serious effects on the order of results displayed on the pages. You understand the basics of SEO on YouTube, your videos can help you develop an organic display, and this can help you gain more views and subscribers.
Investigate keyword exact match keywords in titles for videos to use the correct tag, and write explanations for your videos on YouTube take a few hours to learn the basics of strategic SEO techniques that will help increase your continue to test and video viewing.
Your brand and promote your videos outside of YouTube
The goal here is how to make money from YouTube how to YouTube channel is converted into a revenue to answer the questions, though, your video content, you are not restricted to just using it on YouTube. In fact, it has the best YouTube channels to share content for websites and social media accounts active.

YouTube is not the only means of communication that you can use for your brand, is just one of the many communication tools.

Your videos on your own website and other social platforms your brand and find creative ways of marketing.
Your digital marketing efforts, email marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization), such as using GoDaddy's online marketing tools you can develop. By using these skills, you can grow your brand from many channels.

To earn income that is not connected to a single channel brand can create entrepreneurs who achieve success are the ones who are most likely to be sustainable in the long term.

All your eggs in one basket (YouTube) platform, and if you put your ability to earn income makes a change that could harm you if you can squeeze it in. The same Vine or Myspace like...
How to make money from YouTube? Now get to work
In this article we mentioned by following the path of four, with a little patience and hard work you can start earning money from YouTube.
How to make money from YouTube which is about the path (or paths) to watch once you've decided to market your YouTube channel, you must create a plan and follow it.
Beyond making money your YouTube account, channel name matches your social media accounts to your YouTube channel and create videos that will create interaction that you want to build a web site as you make plans to be able to there are additional steps you can take.

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