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How to earn money from Pinterest?  

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How to earn money from Pinterest?

It's normal to think that a normal win means direct pinterest. Iyo ultimately earns money on the pinterest olar

But it is not so indirect gain, that is the adsense gain.

From the photo directly hit your site for visiting. So it's for a lot of money from adsense.

Please tell me what you need to do above😊

Now you need to pay attention

Pinterest is struggling with spam accounts. (OTOPINE ADDITIONS) You certainly do not use.

You don't think like investing dead in the first three months including your first interest because you say it's better to share facebook like hit post dead in other 2-3 months. But you have to be patient for 2-3 months. Make at least 10-20 shares per day.
# Choose beautiful headers on shares. Also enter a 5-word external, if not at all, external to the label.
# Also the more original the photos, the more you earn. Because interest will make more people show.
# Do not share photos repeatedly. Reason for Ban
# Always a regular one is to be interested in everyone likes. Open a financial board if you have a finance category😊
# Also do not use 3 sites at the same pinterestide If you have 3 sites open one of them is counted from the room layout.

Do not forget to leave comments in the fixing of the subject you want to ask also I will answer the problem under the subject 😊

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Remember, trial and error can be a bit difficult, but the best learning is by trial and error. It is unforgettable.

thanks to friends for sharing information from valuable comments

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:13 pm

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