What is Pinterest?  

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Pinterest, a visual and video sharing platform, offers users the possibility to share in 2 ways. Users can share the images / videos they have uploaded, or they can share the images or videos they have seen on a different user. In Pinterest, this is called le pinning..

The pinned content is added to the clipboard, thus offering categorical sharing. What makes Pinterest different from many other social networks is that 33% of its users are men. In other words, in Pinterest's gender statistics, women dominate. At this point, it would not be wrong to say that the content and development of the application is mostly provided through women.

If we talk about what is shared on Pinterest, that is, the content subject, Pinterest users; recipes, fashion, household items, do it yourself, creative way and art, and shows interest in such categories intensively sharing.

Pinterest reached a considerable number of users in a short period of time with all of these contents and won the Webby Awards in 2012 for the best social media application and the application with the best interface chosen by the public. In April, “Board Covers” were developed and a special cover photo was added to the panels. In the same month, an integration with Flickr was achieved. Then, Pinterest button was brought to Share the photo on Flickr site. As a result, Pinterest maintained its integration with other social media.

The “Free Platform“ perception created by Pinterest in users has been further strengthened with an update in June 2015. This update / feature customizes the appearance of the site by gender selection. Pinterest, whose name is mentioned frequently with continuous updates, is still one of the most clicked sites in the world as of 2016.

Business Account / Verified Profile
Almost every social network operating account, in other words the approved profile, came to the agenda of Pinterest. This innovation is of particular interest to businesses. Pinterest announced this feature in March 2013. With this update, analysis / statistics tools are available for Pinterest in accounts opened specifically for businesses. Businesses with this tool; click, access, interaction can have detailed data such as parameters.

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:21 pm

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