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How to use Pinterest?  

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How to use Pinterest? / Features of Pinterest
Before moving on to Pinterest, it is useful to briefly touch on the concepts of Pinterest. There are two concepts associated with Pinterest. These; Pin and Clipboard

Pin: A visual bookmark that can hide beautiful things found on the Internet or Pinterest.

Board: This is where pins are gathered according to their themes or subjects. Useful for categorical sharing.


After briefly touching on the concepts of Pin and Board identified with Pinterest, how to use Pinterest? chapter. To use Pinterest, the first thing to do is to open and then decide whether you want to sign up with Google or Facebook or username / email.

It is possible to complete the membership process in a short period of time by choosing from Facebook, Google or E-Mail. Facebook account must be open if you want to be a member of Facebook. Those who wish to become members via e-mail are required to enter e-mail and password. Immediately after that, the membership process is completed by clicking the button or link specified in the confirmation e-mail sent to the user.

Once all these steps have been successfully applied, you can now start navigating on Pinterest, or exploring Pinterest. By the way, you can connect to Pinterest from your smartphone (iOS, Android), tablet and PC, in short, from all mobile and desktop devices.

In the meantime, I don't want to pass without sharing an important detail. Although not very popular in Turkey, Pinterest, Turkish supports. So after logging in to your Pinterest profile, you can select a topic from the top right corner to search for any specific topic you are interested in and search for shared content instantly. For example; gifts, fashion etc.

As a result of your searches, you will see a lot of options. If you click in the middle of a picture you like (the magnifying glass appears), the picture opens on one page. But if you click the red pin button on the left side of the picture, this time you will go to the clipboard where that picture is located. You clicked on the image and the image came on one page. Now you want to hide this image. Then click the it pin it ”button in the upper left corner of the image. This will add the images you like to your collection. Of course, before you add the image to your own board, you will see a screen and you will be asked, "Where should we add it?" If you think that the image should be on which board you can mark accordingly.

As I mentioned before, the files we store the images are called “Clipboard..

Select değil Create new dashboard anız if you want to create dashboards with your own content and not share any user's content. First name your board. For example; gift ideas. My advice is to give your dashboard general names rather than categorical. So your dashboards will appear when other users search. This increases your popularity.

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:20 pm

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