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SEO - How
Title six are made from 5 basic SEO work. With the order of these titles if you apply there won't be any obstacles for success, if your targeted catch.
1 - determining your SEO strategy
The determination of SEO an SEO strategy is the most important thing that need to be made before the start of the study. This part generally because many SEO atlanild the end of the project, results in frustration.
How to determine how your SEO strategy?
The first sector to be done (online, of course..) are analyzed in detail. So even though you may know it like the palm of your hand own industry, business on the internet can be a little different. When you get endorsements from important companies you never heard of the internet, you understand that we may never be able to. Here is what needs to be done to find out which keywords web sites on the internet where you are located.
What is needed then be analyzed in terms of SEO of this web site. All of the following questions you should be talking to your competitors:
•How many years service does it give the competitor site?
•There is a page of a few competitor's sites indexed?
•To this site SEO is the work done? If yes, how long?
•Backlink for the target Page was taken? If yes, how and how many powers?
•She's very good at what competitor sites, what is doing wrong?
•There is a gap in the sector?
After you answer the above questions, you already your job will be very easy. I didn't need to go to war to beat opponents in no way understand, in what areas you will understand how you can make yourself stand out on Google.
In summary, in the first part, examined the competitors, strategy and roadmap was created!
2 – Technical SEO work
The most important technique of SEO that needs to be done after the definition of the strategy title. Most of the times in this section can be ignored, but with some technical corrections to be done, you can get success much faster!
What are Technical SEO work with I want to express.
I would like to explain the topic in a very simple way:
The user experience of a web site can be wonderful. So your customers can navigate your page very well, you can find what they're looking for in seconds. The shopping process is also quite pleasant it could be. If you can browse as you wish on your site but Google?
If you need to sort the items examined in technical SEO work:
•Control Google indexed pages
•Detection and Prevention of duplicate content
•Controls the unscanned pages
•Copy of the site identification and Prevention
•Analysis Subdomain
•Introduction the determination of the Site Map and search via console
•SEO Site Map constructed according to the principles of
•Page detection status codes (200 – 404 – 5XX) and making the necessary referrals
•we don't want blocking the creation of TXT file and indexed pages
•Recognition and analysis of Statistics
•No controls index
•Controls Nofollow
•SEO compliant URL structure is necessary for interventions to be
•Use the parameter restrictions necessary and the making of
•Inline CSS and inline JavaScript controls
•Ensure compliant SEO paging of fiction
•Ensuring that our users sees Google page
•Controls the speed of the web site
•The most traffic controls the speed of the pages
•Optimizing images
•Control the use of the cache
•Visual determination of alt tag
•Detection of recognition errors
•Use AJAX controls
•Subdomains .tr redirects
•Canonical tag edits
•SSL controls
3 – on-site SEO work
On-site SEO efforts are made by considering the results that emerged in the strategy part. Within the site describes the work as it would be obvious by the name.
On-site SEO what to do in the scope of work:
•Category pages title – meta – tag H determination of
•Sub-category pages title – meta – tag H determination of
•Product title for pages – meta – H determination of the template tag
•Visual determination of alt tag
•Studies and landing page content for category pages
•Internal linking studies
4 – off-site SEO work
Each name off-site SEO work as passed, although the title “backlink” as we know it.
I stopped on the backlink at the beginning of my post, and hence I will not repeat the description. Topics that should be considered when buying backlinks:
•How many backlinks you should get?
•How often should I get a backlink?
•Sites which are getting backlinks from you?
•Backlinks from the same sector should you choose?
•Part of the web site-which should get backlink from?
•While technically aware, what should be the backlink?
Your answers to these questions will create your backlink strategy.
Off-site SEO if they are made within the scope of work;
•High determination of the publishers
•Advertisement / content and backlink creation
•Advertisement / media backlinks SEO correct with the principles of providing
•Published work in its indexing of backlinks
•Detection and Prevention of harmful backlinks
5 – Metering
Your SEO efforts must necessarily assess. To be successful in the path which leads untargeted, unfortunately, hardly it will not be possible.
Many SEO their SEO tool you can measure the work done, but Google Analytics will provide data and Google search is the most successful console.
Whether you have organic traffic or keywords that you specify, whether Get sales from organic traffic! Metering can not conduct their work without SEO.

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