Instagram Shutdown ...

Instagram Shutdown .. Emergency  

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Hello everyone about 15 minutes ago artificially showing the reason for the account was closed.
There are many people on the site who can do this job, most of them do it in a paid way and these prices are a bit out of my way ... I wonder if there is a member of the r10 who does not support everything that can help me for free? I do not want to undermine the power of anyone's business, but I need to open my account .. if my financial situation is good, I would have done with the money would not ask anyone to help .. Thank you in advance ..
Obviously I did this job Android application was suspended for too long. I also adapted the web to make a difference. The user does not request your information. Get your information that does not bring video information in hidden accounts.
Hi all my friends, I have a 7k humor line. The totally organic weekly approach comes from 1k to my page. Post likes are between 1.1-2k, and story display is in the 2.8-3k range. The page has access to more than 1,000,000 Millions in 164k impressions per week. Why do you think the page has fewer followers when there are so many impressions? If so, do you think I can make money from this page? Thanks in advance.

Friends have a religious page stiffened by complete labor 3 4 years account has 2k or nearly posts. number of followers 29,080 di this 1 2 weeks there was an extreme fall in the followers at the same time too many followers would come at the same time the room was reduced this is why I asked a few people have a problem in them if there is a problem with this kind of illumination if someone knows that I would appreciate the current number of followers 28,864

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:09 pm

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