Google AdSense Is Removing The Mobile App  

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Google AdSense internet site owners money by displaying advertisements in other publications of the service developed mobile app for smart phones which allowed it to win is preparing to removing. AdSense mobile app, the end date will be at the end of 2019.
Google AdSense ad service that creates a source of revenue for online publishers, today it is using by many developers. But there are applications that are developed both for Android and iOS mobile service! Google is preparing to remove these apps.
Andrew's girlfriend, according to a statement by AdSense product manager, Google doesn't want to deal with mobile applications. Instead, a better Girlfriend who stated that they would focus on the interface of a mobile internet site on this topic said they would make large investments.
According to gildfind descriptions of AdSense and easy to use mobile interface, users will give you a comfortable experience. Girlfriend, explaining that they will optimize the interface for mobile users, announced that they would benefit from the new technologies in order to offer a better experience.
AdSense mobile app in the coming months phased out. By the end of 2019, Google will remove it completely from the App Store and Google AdSense for mobile applications this mobile app will vanish.
Apparently Google, a single platform to focus on instead of dealing with different applications and wants to offer the best user experience. In the later stages, together we can see that Google's decision is right or wrong.

Posted : 14/01/2020 4:54 pm

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