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How does blogger earn money?  

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The internet and social media users from around the world with a very large audience, the blogger who came between popular professions of recent years, one of the things that almost everyone dreams of. But just as a blogger can make money, is it possible to do this job in a professional manner? We have some news for folks who dreams of becoming a blogger...
Blogging also today, visual and video-weighted
Travel, fashion, sports, culture and arts lifestyle by producing hundreds of thousands of people on topics such as content, reaching a considerable audience that appeal to follower bloggers, according to many people, they enjoy their lives by doing the work that they continue. Especially WordPress, Blogger, Blogger content about a lot of bloggers who use a variety of media, such as when producing some themselves on certain issues they feel competent follower is producing content that appeal to audience and more Apr. More specific topics, such as fashion and technology blogger will be the focus of more loyal followers. Nowadays, people mainly preferred for visual and video content in this direction long posts compared to blogging is also changing.
The rising trend of recent years: Instablogger
Share photos and videos on their profiles, there are fans with Instagram creators. By sharing photos of the activities they enjoyed what they saw around hundreds of thousands, or even millions, followed by instablogger, and the company is attracting the attention of a new generation of engaged in Influence marketing. That Insta blogger on the concept of their profile, number of followers and the target audience according to the campaign, including many local or international communications, as they are making serious money. Lifestyle phenomena in Turkey and many well-known people also post on Instagram just a few dreams of millions of people by throwing the fees that they take. On average, between 50 to 200 thousand followers in Instagram post with payments ranging from 5 per thousand 2 thousand 500 TL to the phenomenon is being made.
Visitors to blog websites Google AdSense revenue is changing according to the number of
If I give an example for a site with 2-3 thousand 500 thousand monthly visitors to Turkey, with around a million visitors are making a profit of 5 thousand TL. However, the concept of the gain of each block, and the target audience differ according to the quality of the content. If you want to make money with your blog with Google AdSense ads on your site need to be approved. Becoming an AdSense publisher codes generated after adding advertising to the site, you earn per click. Remember, a blog with Google AdSense are making a profit of 10 thousand TL 500 thousand traffic per month.
Also a popular content marketing blog sine qua non for
When it comes to blogger, not to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing. Those who want to appear in the top Google search of your own site and content in accordance with a key word from the add-in and should give importance to the design. Content marketing, a moment ago, popular blogger, and is one of the points candidates should keep in mind to make money. But remember, intimacy, passion, belief and self-confidence factors also should be considered by those who want to be a blogger as such.
Blogs in the world and Turkey
They earn money that suits to the popularity of the famous American blogger especially. Rachel Parcell, Pink Peonies named Scott Schuman of the street fashion fashion site with annual 960 thousand dollars while earning from their own perspective that has a website called The Sartorialist pictures that reflect each year with 100 thousand dollars. With the site of fashion and the latest trends on life in Turkey Buse-Term, technology-focused content with Orhan and Fundalina comes to the fore. Every month, over 1 million estimated in the traffic and animal rights-focused producing content’s estimated monthly earnings of 5 thousand TL. 500 thousand monthly traffic, racism, sexism and firm stance against betonlasmay estimated monthly earnings of TL 2 thousand and above who talked about gaiadergi frequently.

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