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Hi friends I sent a few bloggers my site adsense approval, a few months ago, some of them came in rejection, some of them never answered.

1-When do you think the answer comes?
2-What is necessary to have Blogger site approved for adsense?

No evening.

I have a very old blog. I always write original. My articles were indexed in 1 minute. I took a break for a year and started writing again. Although my original writing, my articles are no longer indexed. Why and what should I do?


We would like to share the promotional letter of our olive grocery and Olivkoy Olive Oil sites free / paid to blog pages with good traffic and content in the dining area.

Can those who want to cooperate on this issue reach out directly?

I have a theme I liked, but I found it very complex.
Do you have the ability to organize the site in a convenient way to visit or we can set up new.
I'il send a link from PM.

Hello friends. I'm just because of hosting and servers denim blogger can not give up. I have opened a lot of sites in this area sold. I've uploaded and used many themes of my own. I bought a licensed theme as a last resort. When you review my site, you will see that my site address has many features, such as the separation of categories from ad placements. I also noticed that the sneitspot helper tool in the theme seo, amp, ad placements, 3 comment fields and many more settings are made easily. The reason for opening the subject is the idea that maybe I will benefit blogger users. The theme name is My advice is to achieve more successful results with this theme.

Posted : 07/01/2020 9:19 pm

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